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Celebrating Sea Otter Awareness Week

September 23, 2015

Celebrating Sea Otter Awareness Week

Written by Hannah Fowler, Digital Media Coordinator

If you’ve ever visited Georgia Aquarium, you’ve undoubtedly been captivated by our five adorable southern sea otters, Oz, Gracie, Brighton, Bixby and Cruz, residing in our Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest gallery. You may have learned a few things about them during your visit, such as their endless appetite for sea urchins or their love for playful wrestling. But did you also know that these mammals use their nose and whiskers to locate prey and detect vibrations under water? Or that they play a vital role in the health of our oceans by maintaining kelp forests? 

This week, we’re giving these furry mammals the recognition they deserve with Sea Otter Awareness Week, culminating with a day of “otterly” spectacular festivities on Saturday, September 26. Follow along to discover more fascinating facts about southern sea otters and learn how you can help protect them in the wild!

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Join the Aquarium on August 29th for International Whale Shark Day

August 27, 2015

Join the Aquarium on August 29th for International Whale Shark Day

Written by Kerry Gladish, Research Administration Assistant

First declared in 2008, International Whale Shark Day, honored globally August 30, is an opportunity for institutions and organizations to celebrate these gentle giants by introducing them to those who have not had the privilege yet and by updating everyone on advances in whale shark research and conservation efforts. Here at Georgia Aquarium, Whale Shark Day is a pretty big deal, and this year we are hosting our celebration Saturday, August 29 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. As the only aquarium outside of Asia to house them, we always love a reason to celebrate whale sharks… Just look at that face!

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Top 5 Reasons to Support Georgia Aquarium’s Annual Fund

August 21, 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Support Georgia Aquarium’s Annual Fund

Georgia Aquarium may be one of the top aquariums in the world, but we’re also a non-profit organization dedicated to research and conservation, animal welfare and supporting local education. Because we depend entirely on the generosity of donations for efforts like our Veterans Immersion Program, we’ve unveiled a brand new Annual Fund page to make it easier than ever to support Georgia Aquarium. Thanks to the support of our amazing fans, we’ve already reached 37% of our Annual Fund goal so far! Here are some of the incredible efforts supported by our Annual Fund:

1. Veteran’s Immersion Program:
Our Veterans Immersion Program has enabled over 1,300 wounded veterans and their families to swim or dive alongside whale sharks, manta rays and hundreds of other incredible animals in our largest gallery, Ocean Voyager Built by The Home Depot. Established in 2008, this program allows us the chance to say thank you to the incredible men and women who have served our country. Thanks to donations to our Annual Fund, these wounded veterans can be rewarded with the experience of a lifetime

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