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Georgia Aquarium Gift Ideas

November 26, 2014

Georgia Aquarium Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are full of parties, fun, family, and of course, gift-giving. If your friends and family are hard to shop for, don’t worry – Georgia Aquarium has something for everyone this holiday season. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide, or read some of our top recommendations below:

For the Animal Lover:
Meet some of our animals face-to-face in an encounter! Penguin, Dolphin, or Sea Otter. This unique experience is sure to be something they’ll never forget!

For the VIP:
Get special access on our Behind The Seas Tours! Ocean Voyager Spotlight Tour, AT&T Dolphin Tales Spotlight Tour, and All Access Backstage Pass Tour. Take a peek behind the curtain and explore the Aquarium in a whole new way!

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An Annual Membership: 365 days of Fun for All Ages

November 7, 2014

An Annual Membership: 365 days of Fun for All Ages

Did you know members receive a lot more than just free admission to Georgia Aquarium all year long? They receive exclusive benefits, promotions, pricing to our exciting events, and more!

As a non-profit organization, Georgia Aquarium relies on the crucial support from our amazing guests and annual pass members to continue our operations and research and conservation efforts. We value that support so we want to thank our members with great membership benefits that are included with their Annual Pass!

An annual membership pays for itself in just two visits and continues providing discounts during every visit. Pass-holders can purchase other tickets at a 10% discount, save up to 50% on Behind the Seas tours, and receive a 10% discount at Café Aquaria, and more!

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Spooky and Spectacular Named Creatures 

October 29, 2014

5 Spooky and Spectacularly-Named Creatures


Halloween is “creeping” upon us and what better way to get ready for Georgia A-SCARY-Um than to highlight some of our most spookily-named critters?


Creepy Crawler of the Deep

What can grow up to 12-feet across, resembles a spider and prefers to inhabit the dark, deep parts of the ocean? That would be our Japanese spider crabs! Learn more here.


Ghost of the Ocean?

Our moon jellies can easily resemble a ghostly figure, with their translucent and whitish color! However, be careful not to mistake them for a floating plastic bag in the ocean. Learn more here.


Striped and Mysterious

While longfin batfish can be found normally lurking in coastal lagoons, you’ll see these yellowish and black, circular and striped fish here in the deep waters of our Ocean Voyager and Tropical Diver galleries. Learn more here.

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