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Festival of the SEAson is here!

November 20, 2015

Festival of the SEAson is here!
11 Reasons Georgia Aquarium is your HO HO HOliday Destination

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and on Saturday, Nov. 21, we officially kick off our annual Festival of the SEAson! Wonder why Georgia Aquarium should be your go-to this holiday season? Find out below:

1. Because we need your help to welcome and Wake Up Santa after his long journey from the North Pole…

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Georgia Aquarium Chooses Not to Appeal Court Decision 

November 17, 2015

Update on Beluga Whale Acquisition
Georgia Aquarium chooses not to appeal court decision

Here at Georgia Aquarium, we have been dedicated to the care and preservation of beluga whales since our founding in 2005. This magnificent species is listed as “Near Threatened” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and is critically endangered in locations such as Anchorage, Alaska. Beluga whales are facing several environmental challenges, such as increased shipping, ocean noise and exploration for natural resources, endangering their natural habitats and overall sustainability.

As a leader in the zoological community, we launched a beluga whale conservation program that aims to create a sustainable population of belugas at accredited zoological facilities in North America, enabling us to continue our scientific research and public education programs with these animals for decades to come. Part of this conservation project is an application to import beluga whales, originating from the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia, to accredited facilities in North America.

As many have come to know, Georgia Aquarium has been diligent in our ongoing efforts to ensure the approval of this import. However, several weeks ago, we learned of the U.S. District Court’s denial of our permit. Although we firmly disagree with the Judge’s ruling, after much consideration we have chosen not to appeal the decision. Extending the appeal process would only add to an already lengthy series of legal proceedings, and we believe our decision is in the best interest of the beluga whales residing in Russia.

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Honoring our Nation’s Heroes for Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2015

Honoring our Nation’s Heroes for Veteran’s Day

Written by Sophie Gaze, Dive Immersion Senior Divemaster

In the Dive Immersion Program at Georgia Aquarium, we place an important focus on providing recreational therapy to our nation’s wounded heroes through our Veterans Immersion Program (VIP). This aspect of our program is very near and dear to our hearts considering the enormous sacrifice that these individuals make on behalf of our country’s safety and freedom. About once a week, we host a military group for a dive or a swim in our Ocean Voyager habitat built by The Home Depot, allowing these participants a chance to escape and achieve a sense of peace in our watery world. This part of our job is very rewarding, as we often see a dramatic transformation in each soldier’s spirit after their close encounter with our beautiful creatures.

This Veteran’s Day, I am particularly excited to share my experience with another side of the active military that does not necessarily get as much attention, although it is equally deserved. About twice a year, our dive team has the pleasure of hosting an underwater naval reenlistment. These brave sailors have completed their term of service and, on behalf of their comrades, their families and the citizens of this country, they commit to another term in the U.S. Navy. This ceremony is not taken lightly, and a great deal goes into making sure that this event is conducted in a manner that upholds the significance of the oath.

Our U.S. Navy divers before the reenlistment ceremony

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