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Sharing is Caring Together

April 15, 2014

Sharing is Caring Together 

We’ve all heard the saying “sharing is caring.” However, did you know that sharing your personal story of your most memorable moments with animals at Georgia Aquarium is caring? With Georgia Aquarium’s Caring Together campaign, we are raising awareness of our beluga conservation efforts and the importance of maintaining the population of this magnificent animal in human care.

Maintaining belugas in human care is essential for the survival of belugas globally. Belugas in accredited facilities not only inspire guests to become involved in wild-life conservation, but allow for non-invasive research that is vital for protecting belugas in the wild.

Below are stories from real fans and guests that were submitted through the Share Your Moments tab on our Caring Together site. Take a moment to read their personal encounter with some of our animals here at Georgia Aquarium:

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Volunteer Spotlight Sea Otter Ice Sculptures

April 10, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Sea Otter Ice Sculpture Enrichment 

Written By: Jamie Donaldson,
Georgia Aquarium Digital Media Intern

The volunteers and staff here at Georgia Aquarium take the care of our animals very seriously, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have fun caring for them! One exceptional volunteer goes above and beyond to create special enrichment items for our southern sea otters.

Heidi Groom has been a volunteer at Georgia Aquarium since 2006. Since then, she has made countless ice sculpture enrichment items which give the sea otters extra opportunities for mental and physical stimulation. The sea otters also receive different forms of enrichment along with Heidi’s ice sculpture treats. Enrichment items may look like toys or food, but they actually help to encourage natural behaviors, such as foraging.

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Special Aquarium Visit for Dalton

April 9, 2014

A Special Aquarium Visit for Dalton 

Written & Photographed By: Jamie Donaldson,
Georgia Aquarium Digital Media Intern

Today we had the honor of giving Dalton, a brave patient of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta with a complex medical history, an extra special behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium. He was able to learn all about how we care for our animals while seeing parts of the Aquarium that typically remain unseen. He was accompanied by his grandmother and his “very good friend,” Child Life Specialist Catherine Shields, on this private tour.

First, the tour stopped by the topside of the Ocean Voyager built by The Home Depot gallery. Dalton was able to learn about whale shark feedings and see our huge manta rays from above. The next stop was the topside of the Tropical Diver presented by Southwest gallery where he saw a small shark swimming underneath him and learned about our coral restoration program. After Tropical Diver, Dalton had the chance to see some colorful poison dart frogs and an especially friendly salamander. The salamander must have been as charmed by Dalton as we were because it came right up to the glass to say hello. The next stop on this special tour was a private view of our beluga whales from the Oceans Ballroom window. Dalton enjoyed listening closely to hear the different beluga vocalizations.

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